Website Tips - How to boost your company revenue by upselling and cross selling


Does your business take advantage of upselling and cross selling techniques? These techniques can be used with online shop purchases, in a store or over the phone. Upselling would involve making the customer aware of a better, more expensive product of the same type as the one they are about to buy. Product insurance and reminders to buy batteries for their main purchase are both examples of cross selling. As you can see, in the infographic below created by quicksprout, studies show that both of these techniques can be hugely effective in raising revenue.

It sounds like a simple thing to implement in an online store or with physical products. But what if you provide a service? The same principles apply. An events management company, for example, might offer wedding planning as a service. An example of cross selling might be to offer assistance with an engagement party or a hen party. Likewise, a proofreading company might offer a more thorough, in depth edit of a piece of writing, rather than simply checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. This would be upselling.

The infographic below provides many more examples and ways of implementing these techniques, as well as showing the benefits of doing so. Take a look and have a think about whether you could be doing more to upsell and cross sell to your customers. After all, if they can get more in one purchase, rather than having to go elsewhere, they’re surely more likely to return!

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Website Tips - How to boost your company revenue by upselling and cross selling


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