VAT Bookkeeping Tutorial - Small Business - Expenditure Tracker - Part 3



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This is a free VAT Booking Keeping Tutorial for small businesses. In this 3rd tutorial, we will focus on creating an Expenditure Tracker spreadsheet.

Keeping track of business expenditure is essential for any small business. From years of experience, I have found that simply creating a well-documented spreadsheet should help you to understand your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly business expenditure.

This document is also very useful when you need to hand in your end of year accounts to your accountant.

This document will give your accountant a quick overview of your business expenditure and save time and cost as all your expenditures have already been documented.

If you would like to learn more about Open Office 4 then take a look at our other free Open Office 4 tutorials.

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VAT business bookkeeping video tutorial by: DCP Web Designers London


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