Useful guide to file types for developers and designers


Even if they may not seem that important, file types do have a lot of importance in the online world. That’s why you have to understand each file type before you start using it.

In the infographic that you can see on this page, each one of the file types is showcasing a specific function. Even if most of them are created for graphic and web designers, the reality is that you will see how they differ from one another.

And this is the thing that makes file types unique. Not only do they provide a great attention to detail, but the results as a whole are unlike never before. You will also note the fact that each file type has its own characteristics.

So yes, there’s a lot more to file types that you initially imagined, and that’s why studying and understanding the file types can indeed be a very important task. Whether you acknowledge this or not and how you do it is certainly going to factor in quite a lot.

Should you learn about the file types listed below? Yes, because there’s a lot of precious information to be had in here. It all comes down to finding the right approach and knowing how to use all of them in an accurate manner.

By learning how to use file types, the web design process will be a lot faster and certainly a lot more consistent! So, read the infographic below created by My Design Deals and you will receive a great introduction into the world of file types!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Useful guide to file types for developers and designers


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