Turn your Pinterest account into a revenue driven social media channel


Pinterest is an awesome way to share your interests and hobbies, and keep track of fun future projects. Unfortunately, it’s often seen as just that – a site purely for sharing hobbies and having fun. Frequently associated only with crafts, DIY and the like, Pinterest is often looked upon as the domain of the hobbyist, and not taken seriously as a valid media for businesses. But crafts and DIY, being as popular as they are these days, can make for pretty lucrative business ventures, as can most hobbies. However, there is much more to Pinterest than this, with site visitors using it for many different topics, ranging from travel and holidays, to food and drink, to science and technology, and lots more in between. With so much going on, your business surely has a place there. And yet, many business owners and marketers restrict themselves to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, not realising that Pinterest too can spread brand awareness and draw in revenue.

It doesn’t work all that differently to the other main social media sites. Your Pinterest pins aren’t so dissimilar to your Twitter favourites, just conveniently kept in categories. You can follow people, and businesses, of interest, post stuff you like and send messages. You can even keep some of your boards private. The Pinterest community is vast and it’s likely that you have competitors who are part of it. To find out why it’s worth getting involved, check out the infographic below by quicksprout.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Turn your Pinterest account into a revenue driven social media channel


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