Top tips for Google AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages


Studying Google AMP and knowing what it delivers can be very important for your business. But the idea here is that most of the time it can be very demanding and challenging to get all the features and information you want. That’s why you have to consider investing the best way you can in increasing the mobile web performance.

Top tips for Google AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

And yes, AMP can indeed provide you with this sort of feature. Not only is it worth your time to have such an approach, but it will definitely offer you a rather unique and distinct approach that you will like a lot.

AMP is not perfect. It does have its own pitfalls and challenges, but at the same time it can provide greatness if it’s used the right way. That alone is what makes Google AMP interesting, the fact that it always tends to improve the overall results of a mobile site, even if it’s not perfect.

Take a look at the infographic below created by Digital Marketing Philippines for some more useful Google AMP tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top tips for Google AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Article created by: DCP Web Designer London

There was a need for something that would improve the mobile web performance, and this feature is exactly what you may need. Yes, it really is an outstanding thing to have and one that can indeed pay off immensely in the end.

By using Google AMP, you get to boost your overall results and the experience can be more than interesting in the end. Yes, it’s an amazing opportunity to be had and one that does bring you some unique and exciting new results. You should totally check this out, because it can offer you a great mobile web boost.



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