Top tip to make sure your social media strategy is working


The title of this article might sound a little intimidating more than it actually is, especially if this is your first time working with marketing techniques and social media. Before starting on our own strategies, the phrase sounded like the virtual version of stress and hard times ahead. We certainly won’t lie and tell you that fixing social media strategies is easy, because it isn’t and the amount of effort put in isn’t always the same as you receive. Social media platforms, whether enjoyed or not, has become a new way to connect with the world and future customers along side. A fact unlikely to change in the upcoming years. Learning to adapt to changes is the best way to stay current, which is one of the first things new influencers/owners and designers must get used to.

Top tip to make sure your social media strategy working

So what are analytics? Quite simply it is raw information, containing the amount of traffic your website has, these numbers can also contain specifics about your audience. This can be: the countries your readers come from, popular pages, blog posts and also where your audience finds your website. This can also be a number of different ways, via search engines and/or links from your social media platforms and other websites you have linked your websites to.   

It would be fair to say, especially for those of us who did not study marketing, finding the right way to interact with your audience can be a little tricky. Especially as some social media platforms do not offer analytics, where you can study your audience and the traffic of your posts.

However, depending on your chosen site platform, you can make educated guess’ via secondary information. In new or experienced companies at some point, if a plan is not put in place, there can be a dip in your audience interaction and eventually the sales of the product you offer. This can feel like the end of the world, especially if your online presence is your sole source of income, which can cause stress among a myriad of negative effects.  

Staying current, whatever level you are, is always going to be one of the top concerns to your business. Which is why building an audience, specifically in the beta period, is important to the success of your career. A subject we have covered in one of ours posts. Analytics, without proper investigation, is just an ocean of numbers. Digits that represent your audience, decreasing traffic and where numbers have dropped. So what do you do with them? You learn from it, adapt to the changes in your audience and technology.

 As said above this is not an easy fix, it will take time and energy. However it is integral to stay: in the game, current and consistent.  If you have further questions about social media, read our articles about platforms and creating a marketing strategy.

Take a look at TalkWalker infographic below for more useful tips!

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Top tip to make sure your social media strategy working

Article created by: DCP Web Designers in London


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