Top SEO Predictions for 2017 which every business should know!



SEO can be an important marketing tool for your business website. Getting your website up higher in the search engine results can be the difference in making or breaking your business. SEO is a constantly changing landscape with new ideas on what search engines expect to see from your business website profile.

Keeping up with the search engine algorithm changes is like a cat and mouse game, but there are some predictions for this year that could potentially change the way things happen, the way people find your site. Take a look at some of the predictions for this year to determine if there are changes that have to be made on your website design.

Top SEO Predictions for 2017 which every business should know

Be Mobile Ready

Google is heavily reliant on mobile optimisation and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). When you search, these pages come right under the first result generally, and these are ones that are optimised for mobile viewing and quickly accessible. People want quick results and with more and more people using mobile devices, they want sites that are better suited for mobile usage.

Artificial and Virtual Assistants

You know when you are on a site and a chat window pops up, that’s a chatbot and it helps to increase the speed of communication between customer and business.

People look for this, even if they are not necessarily looking to chat, they may think of something when that window pops up. At least then clients know that someone is there to help them.


Video is a huge part of the internet now and utilising VSEO, or video search engine optimisation is imperative as its growth is uncharted and predicted to be even higher than regular searches. For example, at DCP we have over 500 video tutorials upload to our DCP YouTube channel. Our channel averages around 300,000 views per month. Now imaging if you could drive only 10% of that traffic to your website!

People now look up DIY, and how-to videos on a regular basis because we all want to do things on our own, save money. Having rich media content on your website such as videos can help to keep customers engaged and spend longer durations on your website.

The Facts

Google holds the highest percentage of usage as a search engine with almost 95% on mobile devices and 80% on desktops. That’s a lot of people!

Ensuring that your site is optimised for search parameters is important for you and for the visibility of your company.

Internet usage is now officially higher on mobile devices than desktops which means that you have to be ready. If your business website is not mobile-friendly then potential customers will go elsewhere. Some more important information to show you the massive scale of Google and it searches:

  • They process more than 160 billion searches per month.
  • The majority of searches are more than 4 words
  • The top four results get 95% of the clicks
  • 93% of web activity begins by searching
  • The industry itself is worth over $65 billion.

I mean those statistics alone are amazing and they should give a good perspective as to why SEO is really important to your business.

Ensuring that you are up to current standards is imperative to having the best search ranking results possible for your company.

It’s pretty much the only way to get seen with a minimal marketing budget.

Take a look at the infographic below by Plugin Group for more useful SEO tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top SEO Predictions for 2017 which every business should know!

Article created by: DCP London Web Design

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