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Top reasons why your business needs a responsive website design solution



The technological advancement has brought with it the popularity of certain devices, that couldn’t have been imagined as a channel for web browsing and purchasing, a decade back.

But, today if you don’t own this device known as the smartphone, then you will probably struggle to run your business efficiently.

The unprecedented growths of mobile equipment’s like smartphone and tablets have triggered the need to have a responsive website design solution which will adapt to any internet browsing device.

A mobile-friendly website is critical to customer satisfaction, customers can easily browse a website and discover information regardless of the device being used.

A large share of the website traffic comprises of mobile users, to be precise 55% of the population is using mobile devices to surf the internet. This percentage is growing year by year.

This surge is owing to the development of mobile devices which are more powerful and have become a medium to consume information. The apps and mobile-friendly websites have provided people with an easy way to perform everyday tasks like emailing, using social media and even online shopping.

Responsive Website Design Example

Some facts on mobile usage worldwide

Why the need for a responsive website design is at an all-time high can be explained by the infographic below, which displays figures of mobile phone users across the globe. In the UK alone more than 97% of the population above the age group of 16 has a personal cell phone with 61% having smartphones.

The same figures in South Korea stand at an overall 99% for mobile phones and 67% for smartphones.

Similarly, the United States, India, Australia, China, Brazil have a high number of smartphone users.

The study also reveals that a maximum number of people use smartphones for viewing their emails followed by social networking sites, information seeking, and online shopping. This further stresses the importance of a mobile-friendly website design solution.

Customer grievances

Since the number of internet users on mobile devices is on the rise, the need to create mobile-friendly sites is also very strong. Around 67% of people were quoted saying that the probability of shopping on a mobile-friendly website is more than a non-adaptable site.

Moreover, 48% of people feel irritated and annoyed when they access a site that is not mobile-friendly.

A bad mobile experience made 52% of the people less likely to engage with an organisation. And, 61% of people said that a site that doesn’t display information right away on a smartphone is instantly closed and an alternative site is searched for.

So, this shows that the lack of a responsive site can lead to a huge business loss.

Addressing the concern of mobile web browsers

The basic concept behind the creation of an adaptable site includes designing a layout that can fit different sizes of screen devices without appearing ugly, and is simple to read and navigate.

This can be achieved by creating a separate mobile website usually designed on a subdomain and which is independent of the main website or building a single website that automatically adapts to the user's device. Popular technology like BootStrap enables developers to rapidly build mobile-friendly websites for complex and simple web development projects.

Why not take a look at the infographic below created by Top 10 Website Hosting for more useful Responsive Web Design tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top reasons why your business needs a responsive website design solution

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