Top 5 awesome and free software applications!



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In this video tutorial, I will show my Top 5 awesome and free software applications!

So you're looking for free applications which you can install on your computer to enhance your business productivity and your creative skills. In this video, I have compiled a top 5 free software applications which you can download today. I use these applications in my business every day.

Download - Thunderbird

Have you ever wanted to manage all of your e-mail accounts in a single location? Thunderbird is a powerful e-mail client which you can install on a PC, Apple Mac or Linux computer. With Thunderbird, you can manage all of your business e-mail accounts in a single location. You can create multiple folders for each e-mail account to organise and store your client e-mails. You can create custom signatures for each e-mail account that is running in Thunderbird. E-mail signatures are automatically added to your composed e-mails. What's more frustrating than writing an e-mail and forgetting to attach a document before you send it? With Thunderbird as soon as you write the word attachment in the e-mail, Thunderbird will remind you to attach a file before you send the e-mail (very cool). Thunderbird contains a very powerful search function allowing you to find e-mails with a few simple mouse clicks. Thunderbird also supports SSL encryption to ensure your e-mails secure. At DCP we understand learning new software can be a challenge so we created some video tutorials to help you understand how Thunderbird really works :)

Thunderbird Tutorial

Download - Open Office

Open Office is a little gem of an application. Open Office is very similar to Microsoft Office but is free to download and use! This is a great application if you just started up a business and need to keep your costs low. Open Office contains a powerful set of applications that allow you to create spreadsheets, written documents, presentations, artwork and databases. At DCP we use Open Office every day to keep track of our business accounts and create specifications for our client projects. Open Office can even create PDF files with a simple mouse click. The spreadsheet application is called Open Office Calc, this application is very similar to Microsoft Excel. The Open Office Writer application is similar to Microsoft word. Both of these applications are very powerful when you get a good understanding of how to use them in your business. At DCP we give Open Office a whopping 9/10. At DCP we understand learning new software can be tricky so to give you a helping hand we have created over 15 video tutorials.

Open Office Tutorial

Download - Blender 3D

Blender is a 3D software application and I find it astonishing that it is actually free! Blender contains a powerful set of tools to create 3D animation content. At DCP we used Blender to create a 3D animated logo for an intro on our YouTube tutorial videos. Blender can seem like a very complex application to use but once you get a good understanding of how 3D animation works then you can go and create an intro or promotional video animation content for your business. Blender is supported by a community of developers to help build a powerful and useful application that allows you to create compelling content for your business. Why not download Blender and start learning how to create 3D animated content for your business today. Like always we don't expect you to just download and understand an application, so we have created a set of tutorials to help you understand how to create your own 3D animated logo for your business which you can use as an intro on YouTube videos or business promotional video content.

Blender 3D Tutorials

Download - GIMP

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful image editing manipulation program that you can download for all operating systems. At DCP we use GIMP on a daily basis to create compelling artwork for our website design and graphic design projects. GIMP allows you to complete basic tasks such as cropping images and compressing images. Both of these tasks are common processes used when adding images to a website. GIMP also allows you to create custom artwork for your business promotional material. You can design a leaflet, business cards, brochures, logo design, and much more. Overall at DCP, we find GIMP to be a great application for image editing and designing creative artwork. Best of all GIMP is free to download and use! Why not check out some of our free tutorials to help you understand how to use GIMP for image manipulation and artwork design.

 GIMP Tutorials

Visit Website - Compress Jpeg

Did you know simply compressing images can help give your website a search engine ranking boost? Compressing images is an important factor when adding images to a website. Everyone hates websites that load slowly and this can be for various reasons but sometimes it is down to poor image compression. Image compression can also be useful when sending e-mails as attachments or designing a newsletter as a compressed image will be much smaller. Image compression can be done in many ways, for example, you can use GIMP to compress images. If you need to compress images quickly then why not check out the Compress Jpeg website which allows you to drag-and-drop multiple images and get them to compress with minimum effort. Once the compression process is completed you can download all compressed image files in a single zip file. Check out our free tutorial and see how image compression can improve load speeds on your website.

Compress Jpeg Tutorial

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# Top 5 awesome and free software applications

# Top 5 awesome free software applications

# Top 5 free software applications

Video tutorial by: DCP Website Designers

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