Top 10 web design trends you need to know for 2017


The year 2017 has been a stimulating year for web design. As the year moves on you will be able to find out what trends will become more vital.

Videos are becoming the preferred choice of everyone

  • The content space is filled with videos. It is predicted by Google that of all the web traffic generated in 2017, 74% will be coming from videos.
  • Also businesses that did not try to use video in their marketing strategy and even for branding are struggling to generate content that can be shared.
  • It is also found that the websites will include glossy videos that are full screen and also that are tiny in size will be sharing with, educating and attracting the clients.

Need to understand Mobile is the favored one

  • The web is now accessed more via the mobile so you can say it is the preferred way of browsing and to make it just a feature is not enough. It should be an important part.
  • You need to study what does it really mean to say mobile is the preferred one.
  • Making more profound mobile content and design plans to augment the customer use has to be the next phase in making the mobile the preferred platform.

Typography that is magazine worthy

  • Most of the online community usually focuses on beautiful type.
  • Typing using different and beautiful fonts does matter.
  • Websites that is made with really impactful blocks of content, headers and text that is tailor made and uses bold fonts will increase.

Is having negative space considered a positive?

  • The space around any content on the webpage is getting bigger.
  • Typography is allowed more space on many of the websites.

GIFs are more in demand

  • Use of GIFs is a practical choice
  • It is simple to use
  • It is more expressive
  • What to expect in this scenario is you will get more GIFs on the homepage of many websites and you can expect the banners to be more glamorous and with more vitality.

Menus can be photo centric

  • To avoid clutter on the website it will be put in a question answer format.
  • This will be more organized and logical too.
  • The queries can be like
  • Why do people visit your website?
  • What do they wish to find?
  • What kinds of people are visiting the site?
  • Visual design is the in thing today instead of the collapsible options in all things they do today.

Genuine photography in demand

  • The product photos that are displayed need to be genuine. Not only big online companies but also physical stores and small companies online prefer to have genuine photos of their products.
  •  It is said the content is king in the virtual world then the photos can be considered as queen.
  • The shots of the products should be magazine worthy and should be taken with natural lighting and keeping the product integration in mind.

Vivacious colors it is all the way

  • To be visible and noticed in a million of websites has become real tough.
  • It has become common to use bold colors now. This attracts the attention of the searcher.
  • It is important to draw the attention of the user in order to guide him or her to find what he or she is searching with ease.

Added Duotone

  • Using duotone may not work for all the brands but a use of little of it may work wonders.
  • Combining different colors to get a punchy effect on the photos on the websites is done for good visual effect.

Loading fast is better

  • A lot of good looking content is found on many websites
  • This has to be checked often or else the websites may have preloaders, parallax scrolling or many background videos on the homepage
  • Now the service provider’s offers high speed internet connections that have a higher bandwidth as a result the content also is getting heavier.
  • Several designers are following suit but is it correct to do because we can do it?

Designer’s importance has increased

  • It can be said that in 2017 that the necessity is the mother of design.
  • Are you as a designer implementing any of these trends?
  • The design culture is in tune with the demands of the customers
  • The response and traction should gain is the idea and you should implement the ideas that bring this.

Creative Market  share 10 web design trends for 2017 in this infographic.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top 10 web design trends you need to know for 2017

Article created by: DCP Web Designers London


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