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Tips for staying productive while working from home



Until recently, for many, the prospect of switching to a “remote job” was something of a kind of fantasy. But the situation has changed, and those who first encountered such a format faced a dilemma - how to resist the temptation to watch a TV series, flip through social networks or "arrange a raid" on a refrigerator during working hours?

Tips for staying productive while working from home

9 Tips or staying more productive when working from home

There are many distractions outside the office. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that tasks will be completed on time and it is difficult to maintain a team spirit in such conditions.

But gradually everything is changing.

If earlier there were only writers, artists and other representatives of creative professions among freelancers, now there are many vacancies for IT specialists - programmers, web designers, SMM managers, data analysts who want to work remotely.

There are also copywriters, marketers, and analysts among freelancers. There are more and more such vacancies. This means that freelancers cope with their tasks quite efficiently.

The opportunity to make sure that the work of employees outside the office can be smooth and of high quality in 2020 was kindly provided to all company leaders, when, on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic, self-isolation was in force in many countries. To prevent the spread of infection, workers were relocated to work from home whenever possible.

That being said, working from home is often not easier. Because if an employee does not live alone, it is difficult for him to explain to his relatives that freelancing is in no way less responsible than the standard version in the office. And if he is at home during working hours, then mentally he should be immersed in work, do it, and not play with children, wash floors or walk the dog. No matter how pleasant and important all these matters are, the experience of specialists who have worked remotely for many years says that you should not intersperse work with household chores. This will not allow you to concentrate and will lead to missed deadlines and reduced quality.

In general, for the first time after moving to work from home, work discipline can be seriously affected. The schedule turns into a vacation or weekend mode. The temptation will be great to start sending business letters later and without getting out of bed. Extraneous thoughts will constantly distract from work, and if a difficult task is ahead, then there will be a desire to wash all the floors in the house and even urgently start glueing wallpaper, just to postpone the tedious work. On the other hand, at the end of the day it will turn out that work is still a dime a dozen, as a result, she will switch to evening and nighttime. Therefore, it is imperative not to succumb to human weakness and adhere to several proven principles of telecommuting.

How to learn to be productive from home? Tips from coach Jill Celeste.

1.Getting how to work

Nobody talks about a strict office dress code, business suits or high heels. But by staying in your home clothes or pyjamas, you prevent yourself from getting ready for work.

Try to dress in a way that is comfortable for you to work, but at the same time, you can easily leave the house or answer a video call.

Try soft jeans and a long-sleeved sweater or a slouchy shirt for men. The same applies to appearance: remove hair, and a light BB cream can be applied to your face - it will even out the skin and take care of it.

2. Determine your personal life and work

Imagine that you are actually in the office. Do not engage in extraneous matters, no matter how great the temptation. When coming up with a theme for your presentation, it's easy to spot the stain on the curtains and take them to the wash, but hold yourself back. All this you will do after the end of the working day.

The same applies to dinner. Don't waste an hour on cooking, half an hour on serving, and another hour on food.

If you prepare yourself something to eat in the morning, you can fully devote yourself to work during the day. Coach Jill Celeste, who has worked at home for several years, advises: “If your family calls you, tell them you will call them back tonight. I always call my mom back at the end of the day without being distracted by family conversations during working hours."

3. Take a break

One of the downsides of a home office is that with all the possible distractions, there is no way at home to be distracted for a few minutes and take a break. In the office, you can do this while you go to the water cooler, or, for example, over a cup of coffee. Still, try to take short breaks - go out to breathe on the balcony, take a walk with the dog, take a half-hour run.

4. Meet the schedule

Those who work from home are their own boss, so it's easy to be tempted to finish work a couple of hours earlier, or a couple of hours later, or stretch out lunch. Create a clear schedule for yourself and try to stick to it. With this, you can be helped by "reminders" on your smartphone, which will signal that it's time to finish a snack or finish today's business.

5. Create your home office

Try to allocate yourself a corner in the apartment for a workplace. There should be no TV, household items, children's toys or a bed. Distinguish between the area where you sleep and rest and the area where you work. If you have a small apartment, buy a screen and partition off the table during the working day. So your family will understand that it is better not to disturb you at the moment.

6. Don't let yourself be bored

Don't sit within four walls! If you feel like you need a change of scenery, head to the nearest café or park. Nowadays, there are points with free Wi-Fi everywhere that will help you stay on the job, and such changes will only benefit you and make your work more productive. In addition, changing the environment will help you come up with creative ideas and non-standard solutions.

7. Reward yourself with interruptions

It doesn't matter if we want to believe it or not, but we must accept as a fact that it is simply impossible to be productive 100% of the time, 24/7. And yes, this is true even for office workers.

To stay motivated and productive, we all need to take short breaks throughout the day. And it doesn't matter where you work: in the office or from home. What matters is how you spend those moments of relaxation.

At a remote location, there is always the temptation to take a break to get a little distracted by doing some household chores: toss the laundry in the washing machine, take out the trash, warm up food for your family, clean up your apartment or house.

Organise your time so that you can take real breaks from work as if you were in the office. At this time, you can drink coffee, browse the news, exchange a few words with your husband/wife, or warm up a little.

Allocate no more than 5-10 minutes at the end of each hour to catch your breath, and you will be productive for the whole day.

8. Do physical exercises

Exercise writes the author of the note, helps to improve mood and feel a surge of energy. If you do them during working hours, the entrepreneur says, you can increase efficiency and productivity.

Researchers at Stockholm University found that participants in one study who spent 2.5 hours of work time on physical activity per week performed as many tasks as those who did not exercise - and sometimes even surpassed them in productivity.

Also, good sleep plays an important role in your health and productivity, so you need to get enough sleep. to feel awake.

9. Stay connected with your colleagues

People who communicate well with their colleagues at work tend to be happier and more productive. Does this mean that you will lose this by switching to a remote format? Not at all.

And the following tip will help you not only stay productive and in a good mood but also make the transition from office work to “telecommuting” smoother: just because the fact that you work from home does not mean that you can no longer communicate. with my colleagues.

Modern means of communication allow you to communicate as you like, whenever you like and hardly charge any money for it. Throw a quick hello to your colleagues in instant messengers or start a chat on Skype or Zoom.

Your colleagues are people with whom you spend a lot of time, sometimes even more than with your own family. Don't let this relationship fade away when you switch to a remote format.

Working remotely, you can easily customise the schedule in the way that suits you best. At home, it is much easier to create the most comfortable conditions that will help you quickly and efficiently deal with tasks. The main danger - the ability to relax uncontrollably - you must overcome on your own. Just remember that working from home is just as fulfilling a job as any other, and the end result depends on your efficiency.

We have shared with you these simple tips and we hope that with their help you can organise your work from home in such a way that it will be as productive as your work in the office. Self-organisation and flexibility are fundamental principles that enable you to effectively build your remote employment


Article by Emma Wood: DCP Business Website Design

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