The latest web design trends for 2017


There’s no doubt that web design is changing all the time, and each New Year you get to have some new trends. While that may not matter a lot in the beginning, it’s safe to say that you will see an impact from all of the trends. So, you really want to focus on value and quality here, as that is incredibly important and the experience that you get is among the very best out there.

For example, you can expect typography to become extremely important next year. This is very important, and the fact that the readers want to see typography on the sites they visit is surely going to come as a huge shock for a lot of people.

Plus, there’s the power of video. The idea here is that video continues to dominate trends and it will most likely do that for a very long time. YouTube is hugely popular, and video content as well as video blogs are becoming very impressive in the online world. Taking your time and making sure that you deliver unique, insightful videos can really work to your own advantage.

Then you also have to think about making a story with your website design. You see, most of the time your site will have multiple pages and you want to use those in order to create stories. This will make visiting your website a more interesting and delightful experience, which in the end is the right approach to have.

That being said, you also have to adopt the mobile first design approach. Nowadays, most readers and users are coming from mobile devices, so you might as well focus on a mobile first approach. That can really work to your own advantage and it will obviously pay off immensely in the end. The idea is to know what you want and how to take all these things to the next level.

Obviously, you will also need to think about the design as a whole. You want a design that’s fast, easy to use, utilitarian and which delivers the information with great accuracy. A lot of people have trouble getting this sort of result, but the idea here is that the more you focus on delivering the info fast and easy, the better the outcome will be in the end, so adapt that to the situation.

One thing is certain, with help from this infographic you will be able to identify the website design trends and you can easily implement them as you see fit. This really is very well worth it and the outcome can be a delightful one for sure. Adapt yourself to the experience and rest assured that you will be incredibly happy with the results.

Yes, this infographic has all the info you need in order to figure out what website design trends are working at this time. So, try to use this information and rest assured that the experience will be a really good one!

Take a look at the inforgraphic below designed by Wishpond  for more useful tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

The latest web design trends for 2017


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