Super tips you need to know for local SEO


If your a new local business it can seem a daunting step in the SEO direction. This can out a lot of people off, but stick at it and see the hard work paying off later down the line. Aim your main focus on ranking high on Google’s ranking charts.

When people need a service they usually go with a company which appears on the first page of a Google search, so you want to make sure your company appears on that first page. This is achieved by ranking high on the search criteria.

Some people find it difficult to figure this part out. Dont worry, in this article you will find a step by step guide to kickstart your SEO success.

Super tips you need to know for local SEO

Why should you invest in local SEO?

Only recently have businesses began posting advertisements online, before the wild web, people would place adverts in the yellow pages, from their clients would search the company they needed. At least 95% of people now use the internet to search for a service, Google is by far the most used.

  • Step 1.

Your first step should be forming simple keywords that relate to your business. For example if you work in the cleaning industry you may use, cleaning, mops, industrial, residential and cleaning products. Once you have enough keywords you then can sign up for a free Google adwords account.

  • Step 2.

Buying intent words means that someone wants to use your products now.  This should be your main focus, these will be the searches that will gather the most people, the more people the more recognition for your business.

Optimising keywords.

Once you have agreed on your keywords you can move onto optimisation. This is done for two sections, one for your Google business page and one for your personal website. This is how you can do them.

Google Business - this is usually sought as a mini website, you can find the local listings from this source. Giving you small sectioned details of your business.

Using this option will bring up local Google businesses within the search engine. This works by localising people's searches. For example if you was to type in fitness classes, Google will bring you the fitness classes round your local area automatically.

Developing Links.

You have formed the outline of what you need. Now it is time to fill in the gap.

Make a citation, this is a record of your business details, name, address and phone number. Put it in an online business directory. Also share it far and wide on social media to draw more customers in and get recommendations from the public.

Be sure to check that your details are correct throughout the postings, otherwise that will cause confusion to potential customers.

If your business is local, try a press release. This can be very helpful, specially to local searches.

Building links will also put you right in there with local competitions.  Again you can do this through directories.

Get some more useful tips by looking at the infographic below created by Pickaweb.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Super tips you need to know for local SEO

Article created by: DCP Web Design London


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