Part 6 - Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus Beginners Tutorial | Adding audio


(Click image above to watch video tutorial)

In this video tutorial I will show you how to add audio to your video project using Movie Edit Pro.

Adding audio to your video project can give your video content more compelling experience for your viewers. Audio can enhance the overall experience when someone is watching your video on YouTube or Facebook. You can add music, voice over or a combination of both. Adding audio to your video project using Movie Edit Pro is a simple process. You can also control the audio levels, edit the audio track and also fade in and fade out. Give your next video a professional touch and add more music.

Tip: Did you know there are loads of free music tracks which you can add to your video content:

Tip: Make sure you read the comments when adding a select audio track. Some of the tracks require for you to give credit to the artist in your video description!

Video tutorial  by: DCP Website Designers in London


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