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Libre Office pivot table tutorial



(Click image above to watch video tutorial)

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to setup Libre Office pivot tables.

Pivot tables allow you to structure and filter vast amounts of information using custom table structures. In basic terms, the goal of pivot tables is to give you an overview of information which can be easily viewed and interrogated. You can also create custom charts directly from a pivot table.

For example, if you had a spreadsheet which showed you daily sales over a month duration, the spreadsheet also contained the sales agent ID, the customer's ID, the products sold, the cost of each product, the date of sale, then you should be able to create pivot tables which show you:

  • How many products sold each day of the month
  • How much each sales agent sold on a day or whole month
  • Which product sold the most
  • Which days the sales agents worked
  • Total sales of a specific product

The above are only a few examples. Using pivot tables you can take spreadsheet information and restructure with a few simple mouse clicks but also maintain the original information for reference. Why not take a look at our other free Libre Office video tutorials?

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Pivot table Libre Office calc tutorial video tutorial by: DCP Web Designers London

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