Jargon Buster - A guide to common designer technical terms we always get wrong


There are always going to be some terms in the design world that will give you a headache. Sometimes, they tend to be very similar to one another, to the point where you can easily get mistakes. This tends to happen all the time in other industries. And yes, graphic design is not that different in this regard. It just goes to show that the experience on its own can be quite unique, and the value is among the very best out there in the end.

The idea here is to understand all these terms and use them as you should. Not using them correctly can lead to issues and in the end that can be quite problematic. That’s why having the right approach towards something like this can be a crucial thing to focus on. But yes, it can also be worth it, that all comes down to the way you tackle everything and how you want to manage the entire process.

When you look at the design ideas, you mostly see that there are always going to be some issues to encounter along the way. It’s nice to have a huge range of options opened up for you, and the results can be pretty interesting because of that reason alone. Studying all of this adequately can pay off very well, and in the end it’s the right thing to focus on for sure. Read the infographic below created by  Creative Market  to see some of the mishaps and misunderstandings that can appear in the design world!

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Jargon Buster - A guide to common designer technical terms we always get wrong

Article created by: DCP Web Designers


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