30 Marketing Ideas That Will Help Your Small Business Sell More


Having a small business can be a little hard, especially from a marketing standpoint, and this is the reason why we created a list with 30 easy to use, actionable marketing ideas that will help you promote your business the right way.

  1. Set daily goals and promote team involvement
  2. Cooperate with the non-competing businesses
  3. Mail your prospects and clients on a weekly basis.
  4. Bundle products or services as you will be able to sell better, especially if you add discounts
  5. Receive and promote reviews from customers.
  6. Focus on your niche
  7. Try to promote advertising via word of mouth
  8. Bring in exclusive offers
  9. Create referral programs
  10. Ask for referrals as fast as possible in order to obtain the best possible results
  11. Take company information with you at all times, in the form of pens, biz cards and if possible do create some giveaways.
  12. Correct mistakes and then go to correct again!
  13. Sponsor local events in order to gain exposure
  14. Show something different than what your competitors are doing
  15. Engage in public speaking events, from libraries to schools and even events depending on the situation.
  16. Publish locally, either via books or media, but also engage in creating ebooks for online exposure
  17. Focus on the ROI and try to reduce all the strategies that are not performing the right way. Instead, invest only in the best strategy, as this will allow you to obtain the best possible outcome at all times.
  18. Over-service the current customers, because they are the current source of income, and you need to treat them professionally.
  19. Try to promote alongside other business owners.
  20. Try to focus on the strong points of your business and instead try to outsource the weaknesses.
  21. Take the imperfect action all the time instead of being static, as this can be disastrous.
  22. Promote yourself in the local directories.
  23. Partner up with the influencers in your area or your market
  24. Network as often as possible.
  25. Increase your prices.
  26. Create an additional service that people will purchase
  27. Surprise your customers
  28. Create new products and offer these to your current customers.
  29. Make it easy to be contacted
  30. Call the past prospects and survey them

These are some of the best ideas that you can use in order to make the best out of your whole marketing endeavors, and you can rest assured that the experience will be well worth it. You need to nurture your client base, but at the same time you have to modify your prices accordingly, as this does help as well.

Follow these instructions and you are bound to obtain some astounding experiences in the end, just try to focus on applying them over and over, as they will help your business a lot.

Take a look at the Infographic below by Self Employed King for more useful tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

30 Marketing Ideas That Will Help Your Small Business Sell More


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