Influencer marketing is the new type of content marketing


Content marketing is strong at all times, but nowadays a new type of content marketing has emerged, and this comes in the form of influencer marketing. This means that clients focus on seeing and talking with influences before they make decisions. This makes the influencers very important on the market as they are the ones that increase conversion rates for businesses.

Which are the most important influences?

That would be the bloggers. Around 31% of purchases are influenced by blogs, with the retail and brand sites being the only ones that surpass them. What’s really interesting though is that 92% out of all consumers trust other persons and their recommendations, which makes it easier for the influencers to acquire the results they want. Online reviews are seen as one of the most trustworthy sources and around 47% of the US readers are using blogs to find new trends and initiate purchases.

This thing alone can lead to a 3x or sometimes 10x increase in conversions, so the blogs are indeed a great source in this regard, that’s a guarantee. It’s important to note that brands know this thing, and around 65% of the brands are engaging themselves into the influencer marketing, with many of them having a specific marketing sector dedicated to this.

Believe it or not, the IT industry isn’t the only one that has influencers, in fact you can find them in a wide range of other industries as well, from finance to advertising, beauty, fashion, music, health and business, among many others.

Popularity is not something that marketers value the most in the case of an influencer, instead it’s the content quality, personality and relevance in the industry that makes the content creator stand out.

What benefits do the influencers provide?

Influencers can bring in quite a lot of benefits. First, they allow you to get brand awareness, but at the same time they also educate your users and provide you with SEO authority. Other great benefits that come from working with influencers include damage control, use cases, a better and happier social following, not to mention that they instill trust and generate more sales for you, which is crucial nowadays.

Influencer marketing tips

There are a few things that you need to take into account when you work with influencers. First, you need to be certain that you do your research before sending a pitch, and then you need to opt for relevance as well. You have to be realistic and think creatively though, and in the end you need to measure success the right way.

As you can see, influencer marketing can be amazing and it’s indeed geared towards results, so keep that in mind at all times and you will be amazed with the results, that’s for sure. Use this type of marketing in order to obtain the best results on the market and you will definitely be amazed with the outcome. 

Take a look at this infographic created by  The Shelf  for more information   on influencer marketing.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Influencer marketing is the new type of content marketing


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