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Importance of the High-Quality Content for SEO



Do you want your message to reach the right audience? Do you want your page to appear on the first page of Google search results? If so, work on the quality of your copy. You may be trying hard with the SEO of your website. But, without quality content, you can't reach your goals.

Importance of the High-Quality Content for SEO

What is the importance of quality content in SEO?

Several marketers believe that SEO and content marketing are two poles apart strategies. On contrarywise this; they are pretty much interconnected. They complement each other. Without quality text, you can't enjoy the full benefits of SEO. Wondering how? Well, useful and relevant text on your page motivates the visitors to stay on the site for longer. As a result, your search rankings can be improved. To understand the importance of quality text further, read the following points. So, let's get started.

1. It makes your copy easy-to-understand

SEO strategy cannot be effective if your copy lacks quality. But, how do you write high-quality content? It's pretty simple. Just focus on the right things and create a copy that makes it easy to read and understand. And, how do you do that? Think about your page or blog post's structure and the words you choose. Long sentences without headings, sub, headings, and paragraphs will probably scare readers off. Thereby, make sure you:

  • Use several paragraphs.
  • Divide your post into headings and subheadings.
  • Avoid sentences longer than 20 words.
  • Limit the use of hard-to-understand words.

If you fail to do so, it will hurt the readability of your copy. As an alternative, you can always ask help from professionals to write content or write essays 4 you with your requirements.  And, remember, readability goes hand in hand if you want your readers to reach your page and take action.

2. It helps generate high CTR

When it comes to ranking your website, remember Google considers your CTR as a crucial element. What is that supposed to mean? Well, in simpler words, the more the users click on your links, the better the rankings on Google. And, users only click links with powerful and relevant titles and meta descriptions. A meta description is a text that appears under your link on the search engines. Users normally read that description to decide whether to click or not; whether this page will be useful or not. This is where the creatively written text will supersede SEO content.

3. It provides the excellent user experience

When it comes to improving the SEO of your website, it involves various strategies. Simply incorporating keywords in the text is not enough. Your users do not care about how many times you have used the keywords. All they want is to enjoy their experience on the website and take benefits from it. So, no matter what your niche is, ensure your page is useful and easy to navigate. So, do not forget to write good Meta tags and optimise your robots.txt files.

4. It helps you lower the bounce rate

When it comes to conversion killers, a high bounce rate is one of them. Are the majority of your users leaving your website after landing on a specific page? If so, then you don't have an opportunity to convert them into clients or subscribers.

Remember, most users decide in the first few moments whether they like the site or not. This decision could be made without even scrolling the page. Therefore, it is crucial to optimise your pages. They should instantly describe the purpose of your page. Plus, there should be a prominent call to action (CTA). This CTA should be clear as well as honest. If your CTA is misleading, it will create a bad experience for your users. And, this is the top reason for low conversions and high bounce rate.

Additionally, you need to have a robust content plan that lets you implement various strategies. Take BuzzFeed as an example. Their strategy includes a list of social content formats, mediums, and platforms - from YouTube to Snapchat, slideshows to GIFs. Whatever they think would engage their users, they use it.

Even if your business is not like theirs, you can use similar content strategies to let your users stay on your website. Because engaging and quality copy is what can make a user stay for longer.

5. It implies trust

Have you ever noticed that Google shares things that others are sharing? Ever wondered why? It's pretty obvious. They see that as a vote of confidence. When more people share your content, it is like a tick mark on the quality scoreboard. Simply put, when you write meaningful and relevant text, it makes people trust you're on a higher level.

6. It gives your website more attention

The better your content is, the more attention your website will get. As mentioned above, users tend to share stuff they find worth trusting. And, this is only possible when they can relate to the text on your page. This is why it is crucial to pay attention to what you write when incorporating SEO content into your page or blog.

7. It helps generate backlinks

One of the benefits of creative and engaging pencraft is that it allows you to hyperlink certain phrases or words. For instance, if you're stating some facts or research findings, you can link them to credible sources. Creating high-quality backlinks is one of the best SEO strategies. Google finds such content credible and trustworthy. Hence, the more quality backlinks you create, the higher your chances are to rank on Google.

8. It allows you to use relevant keywords

While stuffing keywords is a bad idea, quality website text is the only way to strategically utilise your keywords. Doing so will also help you compete with your competitors. Therefore, use your keywords wisely. And that is only possible through creative writing. Do not let the keywords be a hindrance. Many marketers misuse them to the point where it doesn't tell Google what the page is about. Take note that people don't always use the correct keywords for their queries. That is what the algorithm is about - weeding out that kind of content. Therefore, despite the importance of SEO, keyword-stuffed and poorly written text won't help you achieve your goals.

All in all, your page or blog requires high-quality content if you want to rank on Google. Simply using SEO strategies that lack good text would not lead you anywhere good. So, reexamine your content and make sure it is providing real value to the readers.

Article by Evgene: DCP Web Designers in London

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