How does content marketing work?



There are two main approaches that are usually found in the content marketing world, one would be the novice approach, while the other is used by veterans. But how do these work and do they bring results? Let’s find out and study them.

Novice approach

You need to first create a great piece of written content and then you publish it, waiting to get exposure via Google. You then sit tight and wait so that the viewers will be converted into potential paid customers.

You might panic when you realise that is not something which will happen, and this is why you start spending a lot of money, trying to do whatever you can in order to generate conversions.

Despite the hefty investment, the conversions from your site still won’t appear, and then you end up thinking that content marketing is the worst thing you can do.

This is a bad thing because in the end it’s only your fault since you haven’t implemented content marketing the right way, and you suffer from that. You need to pay more attention to the content you use and create, so that’s where a professional way to approach content marketing comes into play.

How does content marketing work

The veteran approach

This approach is a little more interesting and professional because it allows you to create a large piece of content that includes both SEO objectives and conversions. This goal is to make things a lot easier and more interesting, which is a major plus.

You will need to promote the content and share it in the online world with the help of social media as well as many other mediums. The more exposure you get for your content, the better, so keep that in mind when you want to promote your content the right way, as this is indeed a necessity.

Once the first pieces of feedback come, you will need to adjust your content based on that because you do need to keep everyone happy, as they will turn into paid customers for sure.

This is why you need to create optimised content and then repeat the process until you think that your content resonates with the users or you have proof of that.

Shortly after that, if your results are successful, you will see that people begin sharing your content with the help of social media and thus they start building links for you, which help a lot from an SEO standpoint, and that is crucial for sure!

Some of these people are the influencers, which will help you expand your reach. All of these combined manage to help you increase the site authority. With this, you will also achieve higher search engine results that generate more conversions.

The latter option is more professional and that’s what leads to conversions because you do need to spend your time doing this the right way. Follow these steps and you will be amazed at the results, but don’t go the novice route as you will be disappointed!

Take a look at the infographic below from Brightedge for more information.

How does content marketing work

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