How do 16 of the most successful entrepreneurs start their day?


You will be hard-pressed to find someone that actually enjoys waking up before seven o’ clock in the morning. We all do it because we have to, and not for the sheer joy of being awake in the early morning hours. Some of us will hit the snooze button constantly and only vacate the warm comforts of bed until the very last minute. However, we also know that waking up on the last minute leaves us feeling rushed the rest of the day and just leaves us exhausted again by the end of the day. This routine can be taxing to the body and mind and leaves us less productive during the day.

It is for these reasons that establishing a good morning routine is vital. Most successful entrepreneurs have a morning routine that they religiously stick to. Now there are two words used there that might strike fear in most of us – morning and routine. However, a morning routine does not have to equate to torture. All successful entrepreneurs, from Bill Gates to Richard Branson swear by a well-established morning routine.

How do 16 of the most successful entrepreneurs start their day

The reason that successful people establish and live by their morning routines is not due to an obsessive-compulsive disorder, rather they prefer to reduce their stresses and focus on what they need to for that day. Time is a precious commodity for successful people. You will find that with growing success you will never have enough. Your thoughts will be consumed by what to do. A simple solution to finding more time would be to set up routines and habits that saves you time and simplifies your life. For example, Steve Jobs always wore black in the same style of clothes and it was one less decision he had to deal with in the morning – what to wear.

Some people may be at a loss as to where to start or how to start a morning routine. This again does not have to be hard or even a complicated process. The whole purpose of following a morning routine is so that you build it into a habit so you can simplifier your life. You need to make sure that it fits in with your lifestyle, budget, and personal circumstances. For example deciding to do yoga at 7am while your kids also need to be driven to school is not simplifying your life, it is taking it to whole new level of complicated. Instead, schedule a yoga session after you have dropped the kids at a school. Also, a morning routine should not stress you even further than what you already are. Do not try to fit in as many things as you possibly can in one hour – pace yourself and build up a routine that works for you. Start by thinking what you can eliminate in your mornings and then think of adding tasks that will make the rest of your day smoother.

Ultimately, a morning routine should be established to reduce friction and stressful situations. You should aim for setting a rhythm for the rest of the day so that you can focus most of your energy and decision making on your work. Have a look at the infographic below created by We Are Top 10 for some ideas of how 16 successful entrepreneurs start their day.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

How do 16 of the most successful entrepreneurs start their day?

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