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How branded merchandise can grow your business



With current market trends focusing on the use of digital advertising, it can be a challenge to keep up with the pace. Updates roll out frequently, getting a strong foothold on platforms is a constant struggle and audience interest changes on a whim. Also, how is a business supposed to stay afloat while dealing with constant headaches caused by misinformation and cyber attacks?

One way to stand out from the competition can be through the clever use of branded merchandise. This tried and tested method of marketing has been used by countless entrepreneurs to increase sales and engagement while keeping costs down. And, chances are you’ve already been heavily exposed to this style of marketing.

No one doubts the benefits digital marketing can bring to their company, but boosting your business can also be a fun and engaging outlet for you and your customers. Whether in a corporation, small business, or a fresh startup, branded merchandise can be a big help.

Continue reading this article to grasp the finer points of growth through promotional products.

How branded merchandise can grow your business

1. Build Strong Customer Loyalty

Gaining the trust of your customers can be the most crucial step toward your business’s longevity. Whether asking yourself what enterprise to venture into or even how to start a startup, your audience must always be part of every decision.

This is what makes word of mouth advertising a powerful tool. Having one loyal customer can quickly turn into five, and so on and so forth. And, after seeing the numbers, you might be inclined to agree as well. Company merchandise can be a way of connecting and reinforcing trust with customers. They’ll appreciate receiving tchotchkes and freebies, and chances are they’ll appreciate them, even more, when they can use those items in their everyday lives.

Also, take great care in choosing the material and manufacturer for your items.

Sending low-quality or fragile merchandise to customers can create the wrong impression and may actually ruin your company’s image. Lastly, as your business guarantees high-quality services to your customers, so too must this logic extend to any giveaway you’ve planned.

2. Clarify Company Objectives

Having your logo or company name printed is an excellent start to designing your merchandise, but this won’t always convey the nature of your business. Most promotional products come in the form of useful, everyday items, so distinguishing a coffee company from an IT outsourcing firm can get tricky.

Branded merchandising is an excellent tool for information campaigns your business may undertake. Introducing your new business or correcting false assumptions falls into this category. This is especially useful for smaller and newer enterprises that have yet to create a foothold on the market.

As for bigger companies, doling out new promotions or updates can sometimes be met with indifference. The need to create hype and spread it increases as finding relevance in a changing market landscape becomes a race against time.

With new tools and avenues levelling the playing field, even budding entrepreneurs can find success in their ventures.  A service like a free t shirt design creator or even a lanyard pattern design can convey info and generate interest just as good as any online platform.

3. Reduce Advertisement Costs

Offering high-quality items to your audience means two things. First, they can be used for a longer period by your customers. And, second, this means that more people will have the opportunity to get exposed to your company. This benefit from branded merchandise can win you savings when planning your advertisement budget.

While billboards or commercial ads create bigger impressions on the general public, they’re also way more expensive to maintain. Each new iteration of an ad means more planning to be done and even higher costs in order to implement and maintain.

Branded merchandise examples

Your merchandise has a better chance of interacting with your customers on a daily basis. They can come in the form of:

  • Umbrellas
  • USB Sticks
  • Pens
  • Lanyards
  • Mugs
  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts

Mass production of these personalised items is readily available to most businesses. More often than not, promotional merchandise can draw curiosity and entice new customers without breaking your bank.

4. Encourage Collaboration With Other Businesses

Planning and creating these products will most likely need the cooperation of several other enterprises. And, in the world of business, collaboration and connection can be the foundations of significant financial growth.

Aside from establishing rapport with your customers, planning a branded merchandising project provides you with excellent opportunities to connect with other professionals. Designing an interesting and meaningful print will require the skills of a graphic designer. The creation and subsequent delivery of these items will, in turn, need the experience of a manufacturing company.

Employing their services can spread good publicity about your own business. It might even open the floor to partnerships down the line. A partnership with other businesses can easily translate into bigger discounts on future collaborations or even introductions to other businesses.

It’s not enough to only present a good front to your customers; this must also apply to fellow entrepreneurs. Undertaking a branded merchandise project might just lead to an expanded network for your business.

5. Encourage Your Customers To Interact And Engage With Your Company

As your promotional products reach people and create buzz around your company, you may find a significant increase in interaction with your audience. This is what most marketers consider to be the first goal in advertising. The final goal, converting these interactions into sales, is then made easier.

The use of social media can go hand in hand with branded merchandise. People sharing pictures or collaborations with popular influencers are recent strategies used in the effective promotion of businesses and products.

It’s also not uncommon for your branded merchandise to develop a strong following among your audience. Adding extra effort into their design and having seasonal releases can quickly convert them into exclusive collectables, another good source of profit, as most successful businesses can attest to.

In an age of transparency and instant access through the Internet, reaching out to your customers has become easier than ever.


While standing as the antithesis of digital marketing, the benefits of branded merchandising continue to stand the test of time. It’s accessible to smaller businesses, while still being a trusted strategy of bigger industries. Moreover, the joint forces of a merchandising project and an excellent online presence can do wonders for your business.

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP Web Designers London

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