Ecommerce design trends from the Top 200 ecommerce websites


Shopping online can be a lot of fun, but checking out is often a real bore. Rather than providing a fun, speedy checkout process, many websites give you no choice but to trawl through form after form, filling in all of your details, creating a password, and signing up to various loyalty schemes that you don't understand. And once you've made it through the labyrinth of questions, and inevitably realise you’ve forgotten something, it can often be a seemingly endless quest to find your way back to the main part of the store in order to continue shopping. Of course, when you eventually return to your shopping cart and realise that you're spending way too much, you grudgingly decide to take your least favourite items out. But wait - there are no product images anywhere on the page, so it's pretty difficult to see which item is which. After some serious detective work using just some fairly abstract product names, you've managed to hone your selection down, only to find that delivery time estimates are nowhere to be seen! No problem, you think, because you can just give them a call to check, right? Right. As soon as you find the number, wherever that is... And so it goes on. Surely shopping shouldn't be this hard!

We are all consumers and, in this day and age, the vast majority of us are online consumers. This includes those of us who own or run businesses, website designers and e-commerce experts. If we’re all so familiar with this ‘checkout hell’ scenario, then why aren't all our websites streamlined to give our customers the fastest, simplest and best shopping experience possible?

It seems that shopping has become over-complicated. Simplifying the shopper’s experience by altering the design can only be a good thing for both seller and consumer. Customers will surely return again and again to a store that they remember to be quick and hassle-free to use. If you run a business, check out the infographic below by invesp to see how the most successful e-commerce sites design the checkout sections of their websites.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Ecommerce design trends from the Top 200 ecommerce websites


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