Blender 3D beginners tutorial - 3D animated logo intro - Part 3


(Click image above to watch video tutorial)

This is a beginners tutorial Blender 3D 2.73 - In this tutorial we will add particle effects to our logo intro animation.

In the 3rd part of this blender tutorial we will add some particle effects to our blender animation work. The particle effects will be rendered out in a final animation sequence. This will add some creative elements and flare to a final rendered video.

Download Blender

Short Cut Keys:

R = Rotate
 Press - X,Y,Z to isolate rotation axsis

S = Scale
 Press - X,Y,Z to isolate scale axsis

Middle mouse button to rotate around selected object

Shift + Middle mouse button to pan around object

Shift + C will move 3D cursor to middle of screen

Right click to repositon 3D cursor

Shift + A = Add Object

Tab Key allows you to switch between Object and Edit mode

N = Transform Tool Right Side of screen

T = Transform Tool left Side of screen

F12 = Render

Escape Key = Back to 3D view


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