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Best strategies for Google SEO rankings and business promotions



Google search engine is constantly evolving and keeping up with the latest trends is essential if you want to keep your first-page google rankings.

Your goal should be to source a web developer with experience in building websites which rank high in search engines. Ranking a website is not a short term goal and requires dedication for a professional web developer and a business owner.

As technology evolves, Google requires businesses to adapt their web solutions for handheld devices. User experience is considered one of the most important ranking factors. Why would Google rank your website high 

Google has also stated many tips and strategies which you should incorporate when building a website solution. Let’s see in brief what new ranking factors have Google come up with.

Mobile Responsiveness: Google is soon going to introduce its Index Mobile-First. This factor indicates how well Google prioritises mobile optimised websites when returning search results.

Content on the mobile version of a website will be a factor for page rankings. Again stating the importance of content, Google will analyse the content of the mobile version instead of the regular website.

The speed at which the pages of the mobile site load is another subfactor in this category determining a website’s ranking. As per the statistics of Kiss metrics, 40% of the people leave the page if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

Google has introduced the AMP project, which allows publishers to have their pages load quicker when coded in AMP technology. A recent example can be taken of Washington Post which got an increase of 23% in its mobile users.

Local SEO is a very effective way to promote your business website. It is through this way of marketing that businesses can promote their services and products to the local customers. Google analysed that there were more local searches than others. They constitute 46% of all searches. They are advantageous too as 80% of these searches have led to an increase in in-store visits and immediate buying decisions.

As per Google my Business, if you use keywords in your business name then your website will be spotted 1.5 times higher. Another subfactor in this category is if you achieve high-quality citations, then it will certainly help in your local SEO efforts. This can be said as 70% of the people who were surveyed said that they prefer finding the location of the business before going there for the first time.

Quality content/links: It has been proven time and again that content has always been and will always be the king for Google. It holds a lot of importance for Google while ranking the websites. So, the better and the more relevant content you have, the more natural backlinks you will get. The more relevant links refer to your website, the higher rank your site will get in its SERP. “High-quality content and link building” are the two most important factors which Google used for ranking your website, said Andrey Lipase Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google.

Google signal Rank Brain is now the third-highest signal which contributes to search-query results. Since it produces better results for long, complex and ambiguous searches, it is advised by Google to make more long-form content.

Want a higher ranking? Follow the new guidelines mentioned by Google very religiously and you will be closer to your target.

In addition to the ranking factors, the following are the new strategies:

Multiple Content Formats: Google has always given the highest priority to good content. Following the same logic, Google now advises businesses to have various formats to present content. These formats can be videos, infographics, images, transcripts, podcasts and webinar recordings to mention just a few.

This is an excellent strategy as in a modern and the busy life, people have no time to concentrate and read long content. Moreover, as it is said images have a better impact on people than written words. These different formats make the content more presentable, interesting and authentic.

Spy on the strongest competitor (s): Another strategy is to keep an eye on what your competitor is up to. If you are aware of their content, social mentions, search rankings and healthy backlinks, then, you can learn from their marketing optimisation strategies.

Disavow the unwanted links: It is essential to audit and monitors your backlinks regularly. This should be done so that the unnecessary links can be removed. This helps in protecting your site from a Google Penalty.

Rich answers: The importance of keywords have already been discussed. It is the use of clear and target keywords only that rich answers appear. They appear on 19.45% of Google search results. Hence, if you wish your site to be promoted more, then it is the right time to optimise your content for answering questions.

Social media: Since the whole world is connected using social media, it is important to register your business and build social profiles. If you can get a good organic following on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, then you can do social media marketing at a very low cost.

Voice search: Technology is ruling the world. The way we use our mobile devices has changed how we search for answers, products or services. voice Search tends to generate more targeted search terms so optimising your content, especially FAQs can give your website a boost in rankings.

Mobile-friendly responsive website: Like it was mentioned earlier, in the fast and modern world today, people are increasingly using hand-held devices to search the internet and even run businesses. People prefer to search for whatever they want at any given time and without any inconvenience. If you wish to get priority by Google, then you should make a mobile-friendly website. Remember you want your website to load super fast so hire a web developer who can fully optimise your website for mobile devices.

By following the above-mentioned strategies, you can increase the chances of being ranked higher by Google. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan and incorporate the changes on your website.

For some more useful SEO tips take a look at the infographic below created by Dotcom Infoway 

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Best strategies for Google SEO rankings and business promotions

Article created by: DCP Web Developers London


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