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Best drag and drop WordPress page builders compared



Are you searching for the best WordPress page builders in the market today? A page builder will help you design a custom-looking site and beautiful page templates effortlessly.

No developing skills are needed to deal with such plugins.

They also come with drag and drop functionalities and enable you to personalise pages interestingly.

This post will present you with some of the top drag-and-drop WordPress page builders you can use for building amazing website design solutions.

Best drag and drop WordPress page builders compared

Introducing a WordPress page builder: What are they? 

A WordPress page builder is a plugin created to keep your web pages designed and well-structured. It comes with drag and drop functionality with personalised widget slides into the content area. 

Compared to themes with pre-built packages, these WordPress page builder features personalised editing choices and wider widget selections. A page builder is relatively simple to use than the visual editor of WordPress, where you need to work along with bit HTML and the content’s preview. 

What are the top drag and drop WordPress Page Builders?

Are you planning to create your business web design, blog, or eCommerce store? Whatever the reason may be, a WordPress page builder will help you create a unique-quality, excellent website without too much fuss. They are extremely mobile-friendly and produce responsive layouts automatically. 

Further, the live customiser is another benefit, allowing you to check how your pages show on the front-end for other device types ahead and make the necessary changes. From the header to footer, they offer you total control over the look of your website and enable you to personalise anything to apply a personalised look to your business website or brand.

Here is our list of the top drag and drop WordPress page builders:

1. Visual Composer

This is a drag and drop front end and backend page builder, allowing you to save a huge amount of time working on your website content. You can take complete control of your WordPress website and create any layout you can think of—no necessary programming skills are needed! 

On top of that, you can pick whether you like to work on the backend or transfer your page building process to the front-end and see any changes you make right away. 

You cannot go wrong with this page builder with over 200,000 happy users. It’s SEO friendly and provides element preset controls, design options, CSS management, translation, parallax, WooCommerce, responsive design, and design options, among other features.

Visit website:

2. Beaver Builder

This is considered one of the greatest drag and drop WordPress page builders available today. It offers you the freedom to design a website the way you like without understanding and learning any coding ideas.

Did you know that Beaver Builder comes with many different stunning page templates? You can easily kickstart your entire design without even beginning from scratch. You can pick a template, change the text or images by yourself and then click publish. 

This website page builder works with most WordPress themes, offering you complete control over the content. The best part is your content gets ported to the WordPress WYSIWYG editor even if you stop using the plugin. 

You will get lovely Beaver Builder compatible themes with the pro plan and above, which lets you customise your styles through native WordPress Customiser.

Visit website:

3. ​Thrive 

This is a WordPress page builder that is intended for conversion-focused sites. In case you didn’t know yet, Thrive Architect is created by the same people behind Thrive Themes, an organisation selling conversion-focused WordPress plugins and themes.

This page builder is shipped with a drag and drop editing tool and 271 pre-built landing page templates. Isn’t it amazing? It enables you to easily produce a beautiful homepage, blog posts, sales page, and everything you could wish for.

Visit website:

4. ​Divi 

This is another highly sought drag and drop page builder, along with more than twenty layouts for all websites. What you will love about this is page builder is you can check and adjust while working on it. All you should do is to click on the page and edit. There’s no need to save and click the preview button to see your new design.

Divi offers forty-six modules for you to place anywhere within the layout. You can also find three section types and twenty-row types to modify through advanced design settings. In just a few clicks, you can make the entire layout for your website and save it for next time as well.

The save version can be utilised on both Divi and the other. That suggests this page builder can work well along with other WordPress themes.

Visit website:

5. ​Themify 

Themify is a popular WordPress page builder, which has both WP page builders and Themify page builders. This one is relatively easy to use, and it’s simple to use page builders with accessible modules. A few such modules should install different WordPress plugins. 

You will find more than forty different pre-built layouts for specific intentions such as photography, music, and cuisine, among others. This page builder allows you to edit and see the changes simultaneously. Things will get done in just a few clicks.

Visit website:

Final Words

There you have it! We hope you may find the most suitable drag and drop page builders for your WordPress sites through this article.

The best solution will bring success to your online career for today and beyond. We hope you find this article educational and useful. Until next time, folks! 

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP Web Design London

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