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7 tips for supercharging your blog with quizzes



Blogs have been around since the advent of the internet. They’ve always served as platforms for expressing thoughts, sharing views and ideas, and connecting with like-minded people. 

7 tips for supercharging your blog with quizzes

How Important Tips Help Transform Blog Content with Quizzes

Over the years, they’ve become an integral part of every content marketing strategy, helping businesses across all industries build relationships with customers.

But with so many blogs out there, it can be challenging to make yours stand out. Enter quizzes.

Quizzes are some of the most effective ways to get more eyeballs on your content and generate more leads and conversions. The most successful bloggers have been harnessing their power for years now, so what are you waiting for?

Utilize a reliable quiz creator, and transform your blog with quizzes that your readers won’t help but share. Here’s how to do it.

Let your readers share opinions

What good is a blog if it doesn’t offer effective two-way communication? Of course, there’s the comments section, but you can take it a step further and engage your readers with interactive content.

If you create a quiz that speaks to their needs, you can give them a voice. You can enable them to express their opinions and share ideas, which can be incredible for your relationship. You’ll show that you care about their views and experience instead of only providing a one-sided way of consuming content.

A quiz that lets you learn more about how your audience feels about your blog and all the topics you tackle can help you improve your overall content. You’ll know what they want to read about and how you can meet their needs in your future articles.

Think of it like a poll packed in a fun quiz format. Who wouldn’t want to take part and weigh in?

Tap into people’s curiosity

People are inherently curious creatures. We can hardly ever resist an opportunity to learn something new, especially when it has to do with our personality.

That’s why all those “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?”, “Which Hogwarts House Would You Be In?”, and loads of other similar quizzes are usually a viral smash.

They’re super-fun, lighthearted, quirky, and utterly irresistible. Why? Because of the psychological effect called the curiosity gap.

It’s when you become aware of some new and exciting information and get an instant desire to access it. Your brain wants to close that gap, motivating you to seize the opportunity.

You can use this tactic for your blog. No matter the topic, you can tap into people’s curiosity and compel them to take the quiz. For instance, if you run a marketing blog, you can create a quiz, “What Do You Actually Know About Marketing?” and watch your traffic surge.

Turn original research into quizzes

Any original research that tackles your target audience’s needs, interests, or pain points can bring lots of benefits to your blog. But have you ever thought about integrating it with interactive content?

The New York Times magazine has done it several times. You may have heard about their “British-Irish Dialect Quiz,” which went viral over just one weekend. Everyone was buzzing about its spot-on accuracy, backed by the magazine’s original research data.

They had another quiz about dialects in the US, which ended up having the most click-throughs on their blog for that entire year.

Whatever original data you have lying around, make use of it in an interactive and engaging way. Upload it to your quiz builder, make it interesting, and let your readers learn through a whole new experience.

Boost CTRs and sales through compelling CTAs

If one of your blogging goals is to attract more qualified leads, generate more conversions, and boost sales, then you likely include CTAs (calls-to-action) in most or all blog articles. You can do the same with quizzes.

But how can you implement a CTA into a quiz?

You can provide special offers personalized to every quiz-taker. Then, based on their responses and quiz results, you can offer relevant products or services. It’s quite effective and can lead to maximum conversions!

Let’s say you run a travel agency that offers getaway packages. You can create a quiz, “What Is Your Dream Vacation?” or anything similar that works for you, and then offer discounts to quiz-takers.

Craft personalized results for each personality type, and add a CTA button on the results page that says something like “Save 25% now on your South Africa trip!” The link would direct them to the page where they can buy their desired travel package.

According to the latest interactive content statistics, content like quizzes, contests, and interactive infographics generate two times more conversions than static content. That’s because they grab attention more effectively and can boost message retention when combined with other content marketing strategies.

So, create engaging content related to your brand, and implement a fitting quiz at the end. Your click-through rates and sales are bound to go through the roof!

Leverage quiz results to improve your content strategy

Just like you can tailor product or service offers to quiz results, you can also use the results to fine-tune your content strategy. How so?

Well, that’s the whole purpose of personality quizzes. They can help you learn more about your readers, thus empowering you to publish the content they’re looking for.

Don’t confuse this with the first point we’ve discussed, because this one’s all about your readers’ knowledge about your products or services. It’s about closing the knowledge gaps and providing them with useful, informational content that caters to their needs.

Once your quizzes uncover how familiar your readers are with your offerings, you can create guides, how-to articles, product reviews, tutorials, ebooks, webinars, and other types of content relevant to their needs. You can become an authority in your niche and your audience’s go-to source of well-researched, helpful information that solves all their pain points.

Make your quizzes fun

This might be the most important step to take when enriching your blog content with quizzes. Quizzes are supposed to be fun. When a quiz is boring, most people bounce back and don’t think twice about retaking it.

So, no matter what your quizzes are about, make them exciting. Be creative and come up with an innovative way to make even the dullest topics like accounting interesting.

Infuse a bit of humour into your quizzes, and don’t be afraid to be quirky. It’s about making your quiz-takers feel awesome while answering the questions and eager to read the results, without ever regretting investing their precious time to take the quiz.

Hopefully, this is what you do with your blog content as well. Even if your tone is professional, you should speak to your audience as if you were talking to a friend. That’s what engages people, makes meaningful connections, and entices them to keep coming back for more.

Encourage social shares

We certainly don’t need to tell you how essential social media is for personal and business bloggers. Nearly every brand has a social media presence, and you can no longer afford not to have it.

And when it comes to quizzes, social media shares can make all the difference in getting more click-throughs and expanding your reach.

According to BuzzSumo, the most shared quiz during the past seven years has sparked a whopping 10.3 million social interactions. Their research also shows that interactive content like quizzes has skyrocketed over the past year, increasing by 168%.

BuzzSumo also found that quizzes get an average of nearly 2,000 shares! People love sharing and comparing their quiz results with friends and family, so you can extend your reach globally before you know it.

Simply integrate your quiz creator with any plugin for social share buttons, and voila! Your quiz-takers will be able to share your quizzes across platforms. Just make sure the results are shareworthy.

Don’t forget to promote your interactive content on social channels, too. You can also send it to email subscribers. The more people you reach, the merrier.

Do you know how to create an engaging quiz?

If you’ve never used a quiz builder before, you’ll be happy to know that it’s as easy as pie. You follow step-by-step instructions and create the title, questions, answers, and results in minutes.

These are the key steps for crafting an engaging quiz that converts:

  1. Come up with a captivating title that grabs attention. The “Actually” titles and comparison titles have the highest CTRs.
  2. Create compelling questions (no more than ten), keeping them short and sweet, and enriching them with eye-catching images or GIFs.
  3. Write relevant answers that will reflect in the results. Image answers are a nice way to go.
  4. Craft personalized, share-worthy results. Use positive emotions, use high-quality images, and implement a compelling CTA and/or links to product pages or other blog content.
  5. Create a lead capture form. Display the form before the results to generate leads, but make it optional to avoid quiz abandonment.
  6. Publish the quiz on your blog and watch your traffic and conversions surge!


Fun and engaging quizzes can transform any blog content, no matter the industry or niche. They offer an abundance of opportunities to appeal to readers, strengthen relationships, and grow your brand. So, follow the tips above and turn your blog into an engaging lead-generation machine!

Article by Angela White: DCP Website Design

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