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7 powerful social media tips to build your business brand



Knowing how to boost your branding and build up your business is a crucial aspect of any company’s growth. Sometimes this will be pretty easy to do, other times it will take a lot of work and commitment. But there are always some things to take into consideration, and here you will find some of the best.

For example, you need to have constant updates on social media. For a lot of people, social updates are very important, so you want to make them count. At the same time, following the competition and creating quality posts each day is extremely important too. Understanding what your competitors are doing can give you better ideas for marketing your business on social media.

Video is an awesome wat to showcase your business knowledge. Why not start a YouTube channel to access over 1.8 billions users. Create content which is helpful and related to your business activities. You can also repurpose the video content as blog posts which is a great time saver.

At DCP we see the power of video content, making it easier for people to understand what we can offer and the web development experience we have gained over 15 years in business.

At DCP we have uploaded over 550 video tutorials on a wide range of subjects. This attracts over 300,000 views per month.

It seems like the number of followers presents the success of a business. Do not fall into this trap! It is better to have 2,000 social media users who want to know about your business activities and 1 million who are just following you for fun. Try to target the type of followers you want to attract, rather than a random approach.

"Two for the price of one" make sure when you create content you upload to multiple locations. A good example of this is when we create video content for YouTube we also upload the same content to Facebook. We then create a blog post and embed the video. Sometimes we even turn the video into an infographic.

If social media users have any questions, then make sure that you answer them as quickly as possible. Offering a stellar customer service and always staying in touch with customers is crucial. Facebook keeps track of how long a business takes to respond to enquiries and turns on a badge if responses are quick.

Take a look at the infographic created by Visme for some more useful tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

7 powerful social media tips to build your business brand

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