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5 tips to leverage Instagram to build your brand



Brands can do fundraisers through Instagram Live broadcasts, open shops through their profiles and allow customers to book reservations through their accounts. It's become pretty common for the app to be updated with new business tools, features, and tips. And with a good Instagram video maker, things will start looking good your way.

Approximately 90% of users on Instagram follow a minimum of one business. There are over one billion monthly users of Instagram. So, in 2021, Instagram will be a no-brainer for business. Instagram has transformed from a simple photo-sharing program to an online business hub in just ten years.

While running an Instagram business account may seem simple, it can sometimes be challenging. So, we have compiled together tips that you can use to make the most out of Instagram.

5 Tips to leverage Instagram to build your brand

1. Attract Followers By Creating An Attractive Account

You need a decent number of followers to make Instagram an effective marketing tool for your small business. They should be exposed to the content that you are sharing. Ensure your social media content is high quality and engaging in the form of videos and images if you want to gain followers. Developing this could involve showing customers your products daily or even having them use them.

If you post photo contests on Instagram to reward your followers, you will also gain more followers. It is easier to gain followers by posting contests because all you have to do to enter them is follow the account.

Keep your Instagram profile interesting by being active every day. You can also boost your popularity on Instagram by interacting with followers. Keep in touch with your customers by commenting on their pictures and following back. Keep your customers in the spotlight by reposting their photos regularly. Create colourful and eye-catching images for your Instagram account to maintain high-quality content. Asking questions about what they think of the product in your comments can also help involve the consumer.

2. Increasing Engagement

Instagram accounts are made or broken by likes and comments. Normally, Instagram posts receive 100 likes for every comment. It is becoming more commonplace for companies to implement techniques that involve consumers directly. All types of interaction with your audience increase engagement by asking customers for feedback on your images.

You can do a giveaway contest to increase engagement. It would be best to ask your followers to like the post, share the post, and comment by tagging 3-5 of their friends. Some brands also ask their friends to follow them, which increases the follow and pushes your post for promotions.

Use an Instagram video maker to make engaging videos for your account. Your followers will be able to see what goes on behind the scenes when you share fun, interesting videos of your business. Show your employees, products, and satisfied clients in the images and videos you post to tell the story of your business.

3. Adding Hashtag

Make your business more searchable on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by using hashtags relevant to your industry. Pair a hashtag with any phrase or a particular word and also be creative so that your followers can use the images by posting their hashtags. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it easier for you to find content with hashtags.

To create hashtag content for your business, place your business name with a hashtag on every image or video you post. Ask your customers to hashtag their pictures of your products while posting a photo or video of your product, so you can see who is satisfied with your services and who engages with you on Instagram. As well as tracking the relevance of hashtags, you can also use Instagram analytics.

You can extend the reach of your images or videos by tagging them with hashtags. Other users can post their content on the site to contribute to crowdsourcing. Add hashtags to your posts, no matter your objective, to make your content more discoverable.

4. Organising Contests and Campaigns

Organising contests and campaigns on Instagram is an effective way of gaining exposure. Whenever you run a campaign or contest on Instagram, you should specify what you hope to achieve. Do you hope to gain much more followers than you have now? Do you know how to develop a new and innovative way of advertising or marketing your products? Encourage your followers to take part by sharing a picture or video.

You can reward followers by shouting out on the company's profile, giving them a prize, or featuring them in an ad campaign. You may want to advertise contests on other social media platforms to gain exposure and more followers. Keep your followers updated on contest results and entries by posting contest news. Congratulate the contest winners after the contest has ended, and present them with their prizes.

An Instagram contest sponsored by National Geographic magazine aims to capture the best landscapes from around the world. National Geographic has over 3.7 million followers on Instagram, making it the leading magazine. Winners receive National Geographic camera bags. Organising campaigns is also very simple. Promote your brand name by encouraging followers to hashtag it and reward them for it. Engage your followers in contests by asking them to vote for their favourite entry.

5. Post Photos and Videos That Have CTA

You can post photos and videos with CTA to increase the likes and comments on your post and videos. You could add "comment LOVE if you liked this post" or something like that to increase the number of comments on your Instagram account posts.


Now you know the tips to make an attractive Instagram account by making engaging content on Instagram. Making good quality videos are also part of making an attractive account. You can make good quality videos by using an Instagram video maker, and you can make amazing post content by hiring an expert content creator. All this work will surely turn into a good result in the form of likes and comments on your post and videos.

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP Web Design London

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