5 proven social media content types to share with your followers


What's your strategy for choosing social media, article, and blog content right now? Do you give much consideration to their format? Of course, your content can easily be meaningful, up-to-date, and generally well thought out, without considering when it might be best suited for release. But did you know that different types of content are more popular, and gain more shares, during different times of the year?

According to the infographic below, lists are fairly consistently one of the most popular formats. Why is that? It could be that lists are generally likely to be simpler and easier to read, due to the nature of the format. Or perhaps it's due to their length; they are often shorter than other formats, such as news articles. The topics of list-formatted content are often (though, of course, not always) more lighthearted and less challenging than those of other formats, which may attract individuals just looking for a quick read.

Perhaps it's time to look at your most popular, or ‘best-performing’, content, and when each type gets shared the most. Maybe you tend to stick to the same type of content, month after month. Could it be worth changing your formatting occasionally, at least at certain times of the year? This could be particularly beneficial if your usual content type is the ‘what-post’, which falls into the ‘risky format’ category. After all, the more shares your content gets, the more publicity and brand awareness for your business.

Check out the infographic below by Buzzstream and Fractl for more details on what works and when!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

5 proven social media content types to share with your followers


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