25 website features which can improve your business website


If you have an online business, then you always need to try and adapt it to the modern times. It will not be an easy thing to do all the time. For example, each portion of your website has to be optimised and modified according to the situation. The value that you can get from something like this will always be outstanding, it all comes down to knowing how to handle everything in the end.


In the header section, you need to add the domain name, logo, tagline, call to action button, top navigation and breadcrumb navigation.

Above the fold

You also need to focus on this area too. This is where a lot of people will end up on the site, so you should add some reviews and testimonials, crucial business information as well as any sliders or images.

Below the fold

Here you should include main features, high quality content as well as internal links. These links can help you a lot with SEO, so try to keep them in mind. But you are not finished. You should consider adding the contact information, business hours and social media buttons.

As you can see, every site requires a specific set of features, and knowing how to handle all of that is a crucial aspect to keep in mind. Study all the opportunities and ideas, then make sure that you integrate as many ideas from this infographic as possible!

Take a look at the infographic created by UK Web Host Review for some more top tips!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

25 website features which can improve your business website


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