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How to make a screen shot of a YouTube video

In this video tutorial I will show you how to quickly make a screen shot of a YouTube video which you can then use as a thumbnail for your YouTube video or use when posting content on social media. We will use an online tool to complete this task so you do not need to download any software.


12 SEO trends that you really need to know!

SEO is constantly changing when it comes to the search browsers of the internet. For your own sake and your company, you need to make sure you keep up to date with the new trends. Here you will find 12 SEO trends that will help you stay on top of your game and keep producing you will new results.


How to improve ecommerce conversions using product page optimisation

SEO is all about increasing traffic to websites, being ranked higher by search engines and also about making search engine results more relevant to user’s search queries. There is so much of information about SEO that’s doing rounds just now that sometimes it becomes difficult to sift the chaff from the grain. Optimizing pages for SEO is the bane of every website owner- so let’s take a look at how we can do that without being overwhelmed.


How to create a Twitter account for your business - Part 3

In the final part of the video tutorial series I will show you how to update your profile with your business website link, company bio and much more!


How to create a Twitter account for your business - Part 2

In this video tutorial will show you how to add a custom profile image and create a custom background header image for your Twitter business profile.


How to create a Twitter account for your business - Part 1

In this video tutorial will show you how to start setting up a Twitter account for your business.


Super tips you need to know for local SEO

If your a new local business it can seem a daunting step in the SEO direction. This can out a lot of people off, but stick at it and see the hard work paying off later down the line. Aim your main focus on ranking high on Google’s ranking charts.


Top tips for developing a cutting edge media strategy

If you are reading this you are either: researching opening a business, about to launch your website or still in the beta period. The only certainty is that you are looking for advice in creating a successful media strategy, no matter the level of your career, this is something we can help you with.


Top reasons why your business needs a responsive website design solution

The technological advancement has brought with it the popularity of certain devices, that couldn’t have been imagined as a channel for web browsing and purchasing, a decade back. But, today if you don’t own this device known as the smartphone, then probably half of your daily life gets affected.


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