DCP Blog search results: April 2017


13 tips to promote your business using Snapchat

Did you know Snapchat now has over 100 million active users every day? On average Snapchat users view more than 8 billion videos each day! Snapchat has now become a big social network but you as a small business owner need to know how to take advantage and leverage Snapchat.


Useful guide to ecommerce conversion rate optimisation

According to a recent survey carried out by Compass, the average conversation rate for eCommerce stores is as little as 1.4%. Crazily, this means that for every 100 hundred website visitors you attract, only one will make a purchase! If we want to increase this rate, we need to understand what discourages our prospective customers


Top 6 graphic design trends for 2017 and beyond!

Just like everything else on this planet, graphic design trends change as well. Keeping your website modern and up-to-date can help with converting customers. "Living in the stone" age just tells your website visitors you either can't be bothered or your business website is simply not a priority. Well, it should be! as an up-to-date website can get you those customers you need to keep your business productive and cash flow rich.


The 100 best website design tools ever!

There seems to be an endless set of tools for website design. But wouldn't it be great if you had access to the best 100?


55 surprising facts about Google and why businesses should care

Did you know Google has more than 3.5 billion searches each day! Google is the powerhouse for web search and dominates the search engine market. I know this is probably not a good thing but understanding the power of Google for your business is essential if you want to rise in the search engine rankings. From shopping, news content, video (YouTube) to web analytics and email, Wow Google seems to do it all LoL.


40 ideas to make your business marketing more successful

Creating an engaging website is just part of generating a successful marketing campaign. There are dozens of other ways to help publicise your business to your prospective customers, both personally and commercially.






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