12 morning rules for successful entrepreneurs


Most entrepreneurs and prospering business individuals have set routines at breakfast time, what to know more? Wouldn’t it be great if you could finish work at 3pm every day? Well starting at 9am and working to 5.30pm is a common practice in most businesses, but as a business owner you have the freedom to work whatever hours you like. So get up early and I mean early! At DCP we start our working day at 7.30am so we are out of bed at 6am getting ready for a productive day. Starting early allows you to clearly focus on the day’s activities, no phone calls and distractions allow you to quickly bullets list the tasks for the day. On most days I will complete my tasks before 11:30am which leaves me to focus on work that I enjoy doing like making video tutorials for my DCP Web Designers YouTube channel or creating infographics for my blog. I understand not all work is fun so get that work out of the way as early as possible in the day which gives you freedom to focus on what you really enjoy doing. I use the great App on my Android phone called “Clear Focus”, it is a very simple App which has a countdown timer, basically you set yourself a task, the counter ticks down for 25 mins, and your goal is to complete the task within the 25 min timeframe. If you succeed then give yourself a 5 min break, if not then no break for you!

Sleepy People have shown some extraordinary sets of frequent routines.

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12 morning rules for successful entrepreneurs


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