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11 essential elements of a great SaaS website



The world of Software as a Service (SaaS) is a competitive one. Thus, it's essential to have the best website possible to stay ahead of the competition.

As it’s your first point of contact with potential customers, it needs to be professional and easy to navigate. Also, your website should show off the best aspects of your company and its product or service.

11 essential elements of a great SaaS website

Must-have elements for a successful SaaS website

To have a standout and successful SaaS website, here are some essential elements you should implement: 

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your site needs to rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs) for the terms you want your company and product to be associated with. This can be accomplished by having a robust keyword list, a fresh website design, compelling content outlining on each page of your site (for both your target audience and all relevant SEO terms), and a site map.

You may also look for resources, like this guide on SEO strategies for SaaS companies made simple. Start with understanding the fundamentals and creating quality content for your SaaS website before going into more complex concepts.

2. Website Branding

The way your website looks is a huge factor in how people perceive your company. Thus, your website should speak who you are as a company, your values, and the type of product you offer. It needs to be consistent with how people know your business. If this means using colours like red or yellow, then do it.

Branding can make or break a business, so you have to ensure that your site is on point. Many companies hire agencies, like BCC interactive digital marketing agency, to do all digital marketing tasks for them. This way, they can ensure that their branding is consistent across all digital platforms, such as websites, emails, or social media posts.

3. Quality Content

Quality content is what informs and educates your visitors, so it should never be neglected. You need to present them on all of your pages to convince prospects that you’re worth their time and money. 

This element could mean writing a blog post or article about the benefits of using your products or services. It could also be as simple as ensuring that your product descriptions are well written, informative, and exciting.

A video demo can also be an excellent way to provide helpful content for your visitors. You can show them how to use your product or service in a setting they’ll recognise.

This can help them understand the benefits of using your services more quickly, allowing you to make conversion rates higher as prospects are less likely to need convincing.

4. Intuitive User Experience

If a website visitor attempts to avail of your services but can’t do so because you didn’t display your business contact information, they’ll become frustrated and leave. Additionally, it would be best if you verified that the information on the page is accurate.

Your website's ‘Contact Us’ page should always be clickable, or you should display your contact information at the bottom of each page.

5. Clear Calls To Action

Introducing a clear call to action (CTA) on your website is essential for your visitors.

This could be through a button or link text. Take note that your CTA should always match what people are looking for.

This tip can help avoid any confusion and drive them further down the conversion path with ease.

6. Pricing Page

Make sure your pricing page is easy to read and in a format that people are familiar with. For an interactive visual representation of the price plan and what potential customers will receive each month based on which package they select, consider using charts, tables, or grids.

7. Free Trial Offering Page

A free trial is a great way to hook people in because it's an honest representation of what they’ll receive with your service.

You should have one page on your website that represents the value you offer.

This page should offer customers a clear call-to-action button next to it so they can sign up for their risk-free trial.

8. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs Page

Every company should have a page devoted to answering the most commonly asked questions.

Having one will immensely help your customer service team. 

It's always wise for customers to know that they can find their answer quickly if it’s on this page rather than getting an email reply back with all these details. It's because they can click on the question and find out all of the information they need instantly.

9. Clear Contact Details

Slideshows are frequently used on website homepages due to their aesthetic appeal. However, it renders the website ineffective. Due to the limitations of slideshows, the information can often be distorted. Slideshows are also often browser- and internet-speed-dependent.

Because not everyone has the patience to wait for the next slide to load, slideshows may discourage your website visitors from waiting for the content in the final slide to load. For this reason, slideshows should be avoided in favour of a plain-text presentation of the data on your webpage. This way, visitors will receive your entire message.

Some customers consider quality customer service to be one of the most important things when selecting a product. Since SaaS is more of a subscription product than a one-time purchase, customer service will be crucial for your business.

10. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to build your trust with potential customers. They'll know that people can relate to having chosen your product, which will make them more confident in purchasing it for themselves.

If you don't include customer testimonials on your site, consider getting quotes from former or current clients who say lovely things about the product.

11. Security and Compliance

A standard set of security features should be included in any SaaS product.

This includes things like SSL encryption, credit card processing, and firewalls to prevent unauthorised access.

Compliance is another complicated aspect that you want to consider before launching your site or app.

This means being HIPAA compliant for medical data or PCI compliant for credit card data for most companies.

You may want to include a page in your SaaS website about how your product will ensure compliance with necessary standards. 

Final Words

Building a great SaaS website can be difficult for any business, but it can have rewarding results if you meet all its essential elements. 

To help your customers understand what they’re signing up for and how much it’ll cost them, make sure that the pricing page is clear and easy to find on your site.

The FAQs page should answer some common questions and contact information so people know where to go with their other inquiries. Ensure that there are testimonials from satisfied clients who sing high praises about your product or service to build trust among potential consumers before they sign up. 

Lastly, don't forget security. If you want users' data safe, make sure that compliance standards are being followed.

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP Web Designers London

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