10 ways to use images to make your social media posts more shareable


Do you have something you think the world should see? Using an image or video can have a huge impact on your content’s popularity. In the age of Instagram, YouTube, memes and the selfie, ‘image’, so to speak, is everything.

There are countless options - photographs, illustrations, videos, vines, memes…and that's before you've even decided on what to do with it! An image can be used simply to catch one’s eye, or it can be used to create a fan community with selfies. A video can be anything from informative to interactive. Memes are often funny, sometimes political. Visual imagery is everywhere and is used in all social media communities, whether they be personal, commercial, political…the list goes on.

Why is the visual so important? It can connect us to our audience. And our audience to each other. It can add depth to a story, provide evidence to a claim, humour to an anecdote. It can be interactive and customisable. And on a very basic level, it draws attention in the first place, which is pretty important! Images and videos can be easily geared towards your target audience, via colours, models and actors, format, and so on, which is what makes it so flexible!

Images and videos are everywhere. Who uses them? Everyone. Small businesses and large companies, charities, the government and political parties, schools, the beauty and fashion industries, your friends, your family, and you, every time you tweet a selfie or post a picture of your meal on Facebook. These days, there is a visual element to almost everything, and using one can really affect how heavy a response your content gets.

Need inspiration? Use a photo campaign to raise awareness for a charity. Invite fans of a product to make their own video, telling you what they love about it. Post pictures of a competition prize to gain more entries. Create your own hashtag asking for selfies, pet pictures, or whatever is relevant! Make a complaint using a meme. Keep your customers or fans updated with pictures and videos. Turn instructions into a colourful infographic. Even something as simple as adding an image to a blog post can make a difference.

We live in a world of colour, with all types of media competing for our attention. If you want to inspire your audience, you need your content to shine brighter than the next person’s! Check out the infographic from StoryBox to see what others have done!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

10 ways to use images to make your social media posts more shareable


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