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Do you need banner ad designs for your marketing campaigns? At DCP we create high impact Web Banner Ads which enhance your banner click through ratios. We can design static banners, gif animated banners, HTML5 banners and flash banners to meet all your online marketing requirements. We follow the latest trends to ensure your banner adverts are eye catching and enticing. All our banners are designed using industry standards which ensure your banner ads are displayed correctly on third party websites and mobile devices.


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All Banner Ad Design Solutions Include


  • Free design consultation
  • Designed from a blank canvas
  • Dedicated graphic designer




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Banner Ad Design Size Guide

List below are industry standard web banner advert design sizes. In most cases these banner sizes will be used on third party website advertisements. It is always a good idea to contact the website owner where you want to advertise your business and confirm the banner size(s) required. If you want to display adverts on your own website then we recommend you design banners based on the sizes listed below for optimum internet browsing device compatibility.

Jpg Static Banner Ad Design

Jpg is a file type which can be used to create static (still) banner ads. Jpg is a good choice for static banners as graphic designers have control over the compression of Jpg images. Compression allows the file size to be reduced without compromising on the image quality of banner art work.

Jpg banner ad design example 01
Jpg banner ad design example 02
Jpg banner ad design example 03
Jpg banner ad design example 04
Jpg banner ad design example 05
Jpg banner ad design example 06
Jpg banner ad design example 07
Jpg banner ad design example 08

HTML 5 Animated Banner Ad Design

As you are aware people are now using mobile devices to view website content more often. HTML 5 is a mobile compatible language which has advanced features for animated design work. At DCP we can design custom HTML 5 banners for a wide range of Ad Networks.

Click on a banner below to view HTML5 animated version

HTML 5 Banner Example - 01
HTML 5 Banner Example - 02
HTML 5 Banner Example - 03
HTML 5 Banner Example - 04

Gif Animated Banner Ad Design

Gif animated banners use a series of slides to display information on a banner advert. A gif animation file is normally larger than a static Jpg banner, flash animated banner and HTML 5 banner. Each slide is an individual image so in most cases a Gif banner should not contain more than 4 to 5 slides.

gif banner ad design example 05
gif banner ad design example 02
gif banner ad design example 01
gif banner ad design example 06
gif banner ad design example 04
gif banner ad design example 03
gif banner ad design example 07
gif banner ad design example 08

Flash Animated Banner Ad Design

Flash was a very popular animation tool which can be used to create advanced animated banners. The emergence of mobile devices and the update to HTML 5 has replaced Flash as the main animation tool set. In some cases websites may still require a flash animated banner. Please note flash animation banners will not display on mobile devices.

Flash banners below have been converted to HTML5 animation for mobile device compatibility

Click on a banner below to view HTML5 animated version

Flash Banner Example - 01
Flash Banner Example - 02
Flash Banner Example - 03
Flash Banner Example - 04

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Frequency Asked Questions
 What is a Banner Ad Design solution?

A Banner Ad Design solution provides your business with a set of static or animated banners which can be displayed on websites to help promote your products or services. We design all banners using industry standards. We can also provide custom banners ad designs and sizes if required. All our Banner Advert Designs are created from a blank canvas.

What do you need to provide for a Banner Ad Design solution?

In most cases we will need you to provide:

  • Your company name
  • Your company slogan
  • Text information for banners
  • Images for banners

Our designers will work with you to help define the above requirements if required. If you are looking for London banner ad designers then contact DCP for a free quote today!

What are the Banner Ad types available?
  • HTML5 Banners
  • HTML5 Animated Banners
  • Flash Banners
  • Flash Animated Banners
  • Gif Banners
  • Gif Animated Banners
  • Static Banners
  • Jpg Banners
  • Low Bandwidth Banners
  • Hi-Res Banners
  • Custom Size Banners
  • Information Banners
  • Video Banners
  • Audio Banners
Where can I use my Banner Ad Design?

You can use your banners on your own website or on third party website which support banner advertisements.

How can I update my banners?

Static and Animated Banners require technical knowledge to make updates as graphic and programming skills are required. Simply contact DCP as we will agree a solution which will allow your banners to be updated when required. We can also create custom sized banners; simply contact our Banner Advert Designers for a free quote today.

What are the Banner Ad Design Benefits & Features?
  •     Designed from a blank canvas
  •     Increase your click though ratio
  •     Static (still) or animated banners ads
  •     Eye catching designs
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