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Ways to optimise your welcome emails

If you are in the marketing world, then one of the things you need to focus on is to create welcome mails. These not only allow you to make your customers welcome to your site, but they can also drive sales. More than 81% of the B2C marketers are using them, and studies have shown that welcome mails are generating around 320% more revenue.

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30 Marketing Ideas That Will Help Your Small Business Sell More

Having a small business can be a little hard, especially from a marketing standpoint, and this is the reason why we created a list with 30 easy to use, actionable marketing ideas that will help you promote your business the right way.

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Infographic - Search Engine Optimisation Advice For 2015

In today’s online world, having an online presence for your business is not enough, you need a little more than that, and because of that you need to try and implement SEO. Search engine optimisation allows your website to cater to the needs of search engines in a more efficient manner, but at the same time it’s also bringing you a method to bring a better experience for your users as well.

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The Hidden Power of Long Tail SEO

Long tail SEO is the use of longer, more detailed phrases as keywords. These keywords are more specific than shorter core terms, consisting of three or more words. Whilst long tail keywords are less common, they are more valuable to businesses....

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The Surprising Words That Get Content Shared On Social Media

You’re probably already aware of the power of language, and the effect words can have on people. It’s prevalent in the business world, with all kinds of instructional articles, books and courses on how best to speak to customers, words to avoid in job interviews, and so on. Many people working in sales and marketing jobs will be aware of positive ‘buzzwords’ and various strategies that use language to make a sale.

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New Tech For 2015 and Beyond

The future can be unpredictable. Just ask anyone over the age of 25. Just 15 years ago, mobile phones were only just becoming a must-have, the Internet was barely being used, and kids were still handwriting their essays.

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Blogging Tips - How To Get Other People To Increase Your Blog Followers

Blogging can take many forms. It can act as a type of journalism, an online diary, an advertising platform, and so on. This makes it pretty flexible, in that the choice of content is limitless.....

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Content Marketing Guide - How To Create The Best Strategy

Content marketing can be an invaluable way of communicating with your audience, and if it’s not already part of your business’ marketing strategy, it might be time to consider changing that.

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3 Top Tips to Help Get Your Twitter Tweets Indexed by Google Search Engine

For those who don’t know, indexing is the listing of web pages by a search engine. If a web page isn’t indexed, it won’t come up in a web search. What are usually not indexed, are individual Tweets.

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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Guide 2015

These days, whenever you hear the mention of websites, web content or business’ social media, you’re likely to hear the term ‘SEO’ being mentioned.

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Social Media Ecommerce Shopping Statistics for 2015

We use social media for everything. We no longer just interact with our friends and family; we use it to conduct business, find out information and – make purchases. I might follow a company on Twitter to find out more about their products, watch a product demonstration on YouTube, or ask my Facebook friends for a recommendation.

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Google Mobile Search Algorithm Update 2015 - Is Your Website Ready?

More and more Internet searches are taking place from mobile devices so it makes sense that your website should be mobile friendly. As of 21st April, any Internet search from a mobile device now brings up mobile-friendly websites first.

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Turn your Pinterest account into a revenue driven social media channel

Pinterest is an awesome way to share your interests and hobbies, and keep track of fun future projects. Unfortunately, it’s often seen as just that – a site purely for sharing hobbies and having fun.

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9 awesome free online background generators to spice up your social media images

Free online background generators are a great way to add some flair to your social media images.
ZebBG -
Trianglify -

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Top 5 Digital Advertising Predictions for 2015

The advertising world is continually changing, mainly thanks to the numerous ideas and technologies that continually appear year after year. In 2015, it seems that numerous advertising techniques are going to change tremendously, and this is why we have created a list with some of the advertising predictions for this year.

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5 proven social media content types to share with your followers

What's your strategy for choosing social media, article, and blog content right now? Do you give much consideration to their format?

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Infographics Marketing - 10 steps to get your infographic noticed on social media

Infographics are everywhere at the moment. They’re a fun, simple and bitesize way of sharing information. The bright colours and exciting imagery engage their readers and make them want to keep reading.

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Website Tips - How to boost your company revenue by upselling and cross selling

Does your business take advantage of upselling and cross selling techniques? These techniques can be used with online purchases, in a store or over the phone.

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Top 10 Digital Branding and Marketing Trends for 2015

Technology, social media, and digital branding have already changed the world we live in so much. And it looks set to change even more.

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Ecommerce design trends from the Top 200 Ecommerce websites

Shopping online can be a lot of fun, but checking out is often a real bore. Rather than providing a fun, speedy checkout process, many websites give you no choice but to trawl through form after form, filling in all of your details, creating a password, and signing up to various loyalty schemes that you don't understand.

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Instagram Social Media - 6 Image Techniques Which Guarantee More Likes

When it comes to taking and sharing images, Instagram is the number one place to do it. It is social networking at its simplest; the user simply posts a picture, often with a short comment, and waits for the likes to come rolling in.

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Social Media Tips - 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media HashTags

Now some of us might be old enough to remember when the hashtag was known primarily as the international symbol for number.

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10 blogging strategies that will help you become an expert in your chosen field

Blogging is all about expertise. Whether your aim is to inform or to entertain, in order to obtain and keep readers, you have to know what you're talking about.

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10 ways to use images to make your social media posts more shareable

Do you have something you think the world should see? Using an image or video can have a huge impact on your content’s popularity.

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Top 5 website design trends for 2015

Are you thinking about the top 5 website design trends for 2015? Keeping your website up-to-date with the latest trends is essential for any business.

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Guide to social media graphic image sizes

Guide to social media graphic image sizes - How to resize images for social networks?

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Top Tips to expand your LinkedIn network in 5 minutes

LinkedIn is a popular business networking platform where you can find many like-minded business contacts to help your business grow. By creating a professional profile for your business you can attract more potential customers and find suppliers to help your business expand.

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12 Tips to compelling content that answers your customers questions

Are you creating content for your website which customers find compelling and valuable?

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30 inspirational quotes that every business owner should read

sometimes in business we run out of inspiration, so why not check out 30 inspirational quotes from leading business owners.

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How to Make a Twitter Business Page For Your Business

Twitter is a social which allows you to post messages of up to 140 characters which are also known as "Tweets". Many businesses are using Twitter to communicate with their customers. Twitter can be used for both personal and business use. In the article we will create a Twitter Business Page for your business and show you how to publish your messages. Fact: Twitter has over 500 million registered users.

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How to Create a Facebook Business Page - October 2013 Update

Have you just started a new business or you have got an existing business and want to create a professional Facebook business page but simply don't know where to start. Well you're in luck as I have created this article which will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a Facebook business page for your business. Facebook fact: Over 100 million users worldwide

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Top 10 jQuery Plugins to Improve Your Website - Feb 2013 List

Are you looking for some great jQuery Plugins which can add some flair to your website or improve your website visitors experience. We've made it easy for you and found some of the best jQuery Plugins.

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Tips for Ecommerce Global Product Distribution

So you're planning on distributing your products to a global consumer market via your e-commerce website. This article is written for UK-based businesses distributing products overseas however this article can be used by businesses in other locations using a similar logic.

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Tips for building a decorator website

So you're planning on building and decorating website for your business, that's great! - Check out some of these tips before you get started with your website design project.

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Why use social media for your business marketing?

Social media marketing is becoming an important marketing strategy for many businesses. We can think of social media marketing is a way to attract and communicate with your existing and new potential customers. Social media marketing can be used by both small and large organisations. If used correctly social media websites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter can help you to generate more qualified leads which you can then convert into sales.

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What is a CMS website

This article aims to describe what a CMS website is and how a CMS website can help your business.

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What is HTML 5

HTML 5 is a markup language which is used for creating structure and presentation of content within a web page.

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Tips for building a restaurant website

This article is dedicated to restaurants owners who are planning on building a new website. The article aims to give you a fundamental structure for your restaurant website.

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Skype - Business Communication Tool

Use Skype to communicate with your staff and clients for free.

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Basic steps for creating a good website

The first point you should consider is understanding what information your website should contain.

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Guide to Website Content Management System

A Website Content Management System in simple terms allows you to update your website without the assistance of a web designer / developer.

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What is CSS 3

CSS 3 stands for cascading style Sheets. Cascading style sheets are used commonly when designing a website.

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